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Sneak peak into the working of DMF and the cycle per issue

Once a contract between the publisher and the DMF is established, and print content is ready, DMF cycle comes into place.


Deliver Print Package - The publisher creates content using EMS and lay-outing tools at disposal. Once the print magazine is ready, DMF is triggered.


DMF Shares Review Issue - DMF's Quality Assuarnce experts ensure the digital magazine is as per the highest standards of quality, and is bug and error free. If there are any issues, the magazine is sent back to designers and device experts. Once the QA approves the issue, it's shared with publisher for review by them.


Provide Feedback - Publisher reviews the issue and shares feedback. After a few POC's, this step may not be required.


DMF Shares Review Issue - DMF share the review example after making corrections and changes suggested by publisher.


Release Issue - Once the publishers gives a go ahead, issue is released by DMF.


Upload to store and distribution server - The publisher approved issue is uploaded to content delivery server by Work-flow Managers, and published through distribution service of the digital publishing tool.


Analytics - In-depth reporting of how the content is being consumed by end-users to the publisher. Analytics service is tightly integrated with Apps, and critical end user data and behavior is studied, analyzed and shared with publishers.

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