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The Advantage

Magazines were sold at kiosk or via subscriptions. Revenue came from advertisements and per copy price. Competition between print publishers, limited advertisers budget and availability of free content on net is contributing to decline of print magazine circulation and the publishing business model.


Highly interactive digital magazines, touch screen functionality, seamless re-flow of text creates engaging user experience, catches the eye and optimizes readability.

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Digital Publishing Tools

With years of experience behind them, our certified digital publishing experts are the driving force behind DMF.


We specialize in most of the digital publishing suites including, but not limited to, Adobe DPS, Mag+, Twixl, App Studio and Aquafadas. We're authorized solution partner and

re-seller for few of these brands.


With hands on experience in digital publishing, we're familiar with all the nuances, work-flow issues, pain points, bugs, and are always ready with solutions & workarounds to resolve such issues & meet critical deadlines.

The contract

From procuring license for digital publishing tools to procuring App store developers credentials. From putting the digital magazine on different App stores and devices, to reporting analytics, we provide end to end digital publishing services to publishers.


DMF works as an agency with a customized business model to best suite publishers budget and requirements.

The Intricacies

Technical challenges for print publishers wanting to go digital are multi-fold.


With certified experienced resources, we provide with a back-end team to take care of print to digital conversion.


Expertise over constantly evolving digital publishing market, including store-enablers, multiple channels, devices per channels and operating systems, gives us an edge over our competitors

Work-flow integration

DMF connects digital publishing with leading Content Management Systems. Leverage CMS workflows to quickly assemble digital magazines, repurposing corporate media assets from across the organization.


We've expertise to integrate with publishers existing EMS . On the other hand, with the range of available digital publishing and PDF authoring tools at disposal, un-coupling the existing CMS and EMS with the preferred choice of digital publishing solution is another advantage.

Ad Revenue

Support for Landing pages, statistical and end user data in form of analytics, to decide marketing strategy and gauge consumer behavior, ad replacements, i.e., different advertisement for different regions, positioning of the back cover, social media integration, eCommerce and fly over support are just a few functionalities to increase ad revenue.


Advertisements can be integrated throughout the magazine.

The solution

DMF lets publishers focus on core competency, i.e., creating unique content. No specific requirement to procure expensive software or spend on skill development.


Our designers & device experts take care of bringing content to different device types with best user experience, making them available for sale across channels and devices, an ANSWER to all your worries for going digital.


There are no investment risks for print publishers by out-sourcing to an end to end service provider like us.


Interactive and engaging advertising, in-depth analytical data and consumer behavior at your finger-tips, helps you customize marketing strategy, maximize consumer reach , monetize content, increase circulation revenue and strengthen brand.


Dealing with different devices, channels, stores and operating systems, and delivering a customized digital publishing strategy and production work-flow is our USP.

how it works

Publishers deliver a print ready InDesign/ Quark package to DMF.

No relay-outing or re-purposing of content is required by DMF.


Device Experts ensure that magazine is published to all the contracted devices, and equipped to tap all the latest devices as well.


Quality Assurance ensures once the print to digital conversion is over, the display, rendering and user experience of the digital magazines is as per the highest standards. Design, lay-outing, interactivity related errors are intimated to design teams. Only after QA approves, the issue is shared with publisher for review cycles.


Automation team ensure content flows smoothly from the publisher to DMF, and print to digital conversion is done in at a faster pace.

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